2016 NFL Draft – First Round (picks #1-32)


2016 NFL draft

– This time of the year the best collegiate players in the nation are invited to the NFL draft, some ending with a guaranteed contract signing and others heading back to their home un-drafted.This years draft took place from April 28-30, below are the first round picks by all 32 NFL franchises.

1. Los Angeles Rams (from Tennessee Titans) – Jared Goff, QB, California

2. Philadelphia Eagles (from Cleveland Browns) – Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

3. San Diego Chargers – Joey Bosa, DE/OLB, Ohio State

4. Dallas Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

5. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State

6. Baltimore Ravens – Ronnie Stanley, T, Notre Dame

7. San Francisco 49ers – DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon

8. Titans (from Miami Dolphins via Eagles and Browns) – Jack Conklin, T, Michigan State

9. Chicago Bears (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – Leonard Floyd, DE/OLB, Georgia

10. New York Giants – Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State

11. Buccaneers (from Bears) – Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida

12. New Orleans Saints – Sheldon Rankins, DT, Louisville

13. Dolphins (from Eagles) – Laremy Tunsil, T, Mississippi

14. Oakland Raiders – Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia

15. Browns (from Rams via Titans) – Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

16. Detroit Lions –Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State

17. Atlanta Falcons – Keanu Neal, S, Florida

18. Indianapolis Colts – Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama

19. Buffalo Bills – Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson

20. New York Jets – Darron Lee, LB, Ohio State

21. Houston Texans (from Washington Redskins) – Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame

22. Redskins (from Texans) – WR Josh Doctson, Texas Christian

23. Minnesota Vikings – Laquon Treadwell, WR, Mississippi

24. Cincinnati Bengals – William Jackson III, CB, Houston

25. Pittsburgh Steelers – Artie Burns, CB, Miami (Fla.)

26. Denver Broncos (from Seattle Seahawks) – Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

27. Green Bay Packers – Kenny Clark, DL, UCLA

28. 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs) – Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford

29. Arizona Cardinals – Robert Nkemdiche, DL, Mississippi

30. Carolina Panthers – Vernon Butler, DT, Louisana Tech

31. Seahawks (from Broncos) – Germain Ifedi, OL, Texas A&M

  • New England Patriots were stripped of their first-round pick 

Sharing the NFL VOICE

Social media

Over the course of the past few weeks we have been educated on various ways to present, voice, and share our own ideas, opinions, interests, and creative based materials. Jenkins elaborates on the fact that we are living in a culture based off of creativity, and individuals are able to promote and share their ideas and work, at a rate of which was never available before. Technology and the internet has enabled people to not only be extremely productive and efficient, but also has evolved into a channel where people can both, create and share their work at an unparalleled level. Anybody can go ahead and record then share their voice on Soundcloud, construct a blog and share it all throughout the internets features, etc; all while using the world wide web to often construct these exact materials and forms of work with great ease.
I call for my audience to share my blog through various social media outlets, including: Facebook, Twitter, and directly through the WordPress platform. This can be done by following my page on Facebook, ‘liking’ the material and sharing some of my posts.Within twitter, by also following the NFL Voiced account and promoting my tweets. Lastly, I hope for my audience to grow larger by following my account on WordPress, while also sharing comments and their own interest about the National Football league in it’s entirety.

The Sports Blog Realm

Personally, I feel that my sports blog serves to sport enthusiasts and those interested in the National Football League. There are many other similar sites available which address similar topics, some being: BleacherReport, ESPN, CBSSports, and NFL.com. My sites serves to entertain and inform those interested on more of a basic level compared to the mentioned sources. BleacherReport.com is definitely a website that is relatively similar to my own and I feel that one can compare the two at a very elementary level, at least in terms to the news provided and how it’s structured. Bleacher report has the upperhand in the fact that they provide news for sports ranging from football to golf, but my blog addresses just the NFL and related news which can provide more easier access for such news. NFLVoiced is more than competent in adding informative, essential, and significant football news to the football world. Although that the other sites available may have a higher quantity of news provided, my viewers can be assured they are being given the headlines and trending topics around the National Football League. Altogether, my viewers can be confident in the fact that they are viewing credible and fundamental information of which any person interested in the NFL should own a grasp upon.

Peanutize Me – Fan Art


I decided to create my fan art though the ‘Peanutize Me’ website for this week’s assignment and was very intrigued with the process of doing so. I was unaware that either of the two websites for the class to create fan art even existed and had no prior experience with either. Overall, I found the experience to be more of a creative one rather than having a true educational objective. The Peanutize Me website is very easy to use, and was probably created for very young children to grasp. I found the ability to provide basic functions which allow for you to change and select each accessory of your cartoon was the component of the site. Anybody who either lacks or owns a ability to operate a computer can develop a cartoon in minutes. I decided to create myself and post it on my blog, and found this cartoon to probably not be the best representation of myself considering one can only be 3ft tall or so, and have a gigantic beach ball as a face….however, that’s for my readers to decide. Overall, this process of creating fan art is nothing but another accessory for us bloggers to create a more appealing and accessorized website.



NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame – In accordance with the ‘Fair use Checklist’ standards

Pro Football Hall of Fame

NFL Football Hall of Fame  – Canton, Ohio.

The photo I selected is a picture of the NFL Hall of Fame which is located in Canton, Ohio. This landmark holds the honors of some of the most prestigious football players to ever play the game and relates to my blog page, therefore. In accordance to the Fair Use Checklist, this image meets the standards that are provided to be considered that of “favoring fair use” along with meeting ethical and copyright standards. That being said, I am blogging or ‘reporting’ a photo, that has been directly uploaded to Flickr by Erik Drost, and the comment being the title “Pro Football Hall of Fame” in the location of Fulton Heights, Canton, Ohio on December 7th, 2013. According to the copyright permission of this photo in accordance to the creative commons webpage, I am free to “Share – copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format”.

With this being said, my only intent and purpose for using this image is for entertainment and educational purposes to add an additional amount of emphasis and interest to my blog page. I am providing my viewers with a visual site of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and intend to reach ‘students or other appropriate groups’. The contributor Erik Drost, personally shared this photo on the Flickr website with the exact purpose to share and allow people to view this image. Lastly, the amount of information I am using is ethical since I am only further sharing this photo but also increasing and promoting people to view this image, which was Drost’s exact purpose for uploading the photo in the first place.

The Modern Day Meme








The meme I selected is recognized as the “Bad Luck Brian” series of memes, one that often serves a humorous purpose more than anything. As you can see above, the meme I selected suggests a funny approach to the domination of internet surveillance that we currently live under, along with some of the copyright issues that people have become aware of and monitored by within the past few years or so. The text, “downloads one song, prison” I found to be a good example of some people use Brian’s photo to share, replicated, and use the memes humor through different ways. The meme was first constructed in an attempt to be spread by Brian’s classmate who used his yearbook picture and then the text “takes driving test – gets first DUI”, placing it within the Reddit website, would be the start of a successful meme, who has a long history of editing and replication.
The next time the photo was generated was clearly with a different text, that could be found on the Bad Luck Brian page, within the Know Your Meme website. That next post would collect 3,300 up-votes in a matter of roughly 3 months. I remember looking at the “Bad Luck Brian” account on twitter and finding the wide array of memes particularly funny. This meme may have a longer history compared to many current, but definitely shows a strong example of a solid meme.

Social Media

I think it would be ignorant to say that the use of social media doesn’t dominate nearly every outlet of the modern-day social world, and has many adaptations and benefits, including: self entertainment, marketing, promotion, and the sharing of ones own ideas, and interests. Quite specifically, social media and it’s features are used to an unparalleled rate within todays marketing segmentations and publishing approaches through many different routes. For example, Twitter is used, monitored, and implemented into many of the media segments of todays, such as ESPN providing news directly from the athletes and professionals that are current, popular, and prove to have an important motive and interest to their viewers and followers.

 In a similar approach I think classmates and other readers can help each other and myself, by using social media to provide attention and interest to one another’s blog pages. One route of helping each other could be through a ‘like and follow’ approach within twitter. This could be done, exactly in a matter to its name on posts, retweets, and news that is coming directly from my NFL VOICED account, providing a large population of people with the benefits of reading my social news site and it’s NFL related news, along with a stronger fan base so to say.